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The Building Kidz Unique Value Propositions

The Industry

In the United States today, 7 out of 10 homes with children have both parents working, and that number keeps climbing. As you can imagine, the demand for daycare, child care, and preschools is skyrocketing with it, and in fact demand continues to outpace supply.

As the world continues to change, and we use works like “mobile workforce”, “the new normal”, and “shift staggering”, one thing remains constant; we need a safe and nurturing environment for our children while we are earning a living. For parents with traditional “go to the office” jobs, this is obvious, but remote workers have as much or more of a need for a place for their children to be safely looked after, lovingly educated, and socialized to enable them to effectively manage their work responsibilities.

In the Great Recession, childcare businesses continued to grow. In the 2020 Pandemic, preschools and daycares were often considered essential businesses. The industry has time and again shown itself to be resistant micro and macro economic trends that affect many other businesses.

The Education

Building Kidz takes a unique approach to education; we use Performing Arts, not just as a class, but as a teaching vehicle. We integrate song, dance, visual art and performance into every single lesson in our curriculum. Every one of our preschool franchises use this scientifically sound approach to educating children every day, for every age group we serve.

We also expose children to secondary languages. In fact, every child over the age of 3 that attends a one of our childcare centers takes a second language course.

We are the only franchise in the preschool business that offers these services to parents.

The Business

Our operating principal is flexibility. Unlike other childcare business opportunities, our flexible business model works for acquisitions, conversions, new site development, partnerships with churches, partnerships with corporations for onsite and offsite campuses, and even partnerships with apartment complexes.

We have demonstrated the scalability of our model at different campus sizes, and allow franchisees to open in spaces that will allow for as few as 50 students, and we have a proven model to support schools with over 200 students.

These are just 2 of the many reasons why our franchisees enjoy preschools that are twice as profitable as the industry average, with EBIDTA margins in excess of 30% on average*.

*Some franchisees have made this much. Please review the Item 19 of our franchise disclosure document for an understanding of these historical numbers.

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