Building Kidz of South San Francisco Preschool and Kindergarten

Building Kidz of South San Francisco

Preschool – Kindergarten – Childcare
600 Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

About the School

South San Francisco Preschool campus
South San Francisco Kindergarten campus

Building Kidz of South San Francisco

600 Grand Ave,

South San Francisco, CA 94080

Tel: (650) 837-9348

Monday to Friday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Considered by many, the best preschool in South San Francisco, for early child development.
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Welcome to Building Kidz South San Francisco Preschool – Kindergarten

Located at 600 Grand Ave, we are conveniently close to I-101.

At Building Kidz we understand how Early Childhood Education and a nurturing and loving environment impact the life of young children.

Our preschool programs are designed to provide a world-class experience that will not only prepare children for Elementary school but also help them develop a lifelong love and interest for learning, which will make a major difference in children’s latter successes.

We strive to develop the whole child by integrating Performing Arts into our daily routines to accomplish and meet the education goals set up for each student through a fun, engaging and hands on academic exposure. Children will build the foundation for literacy, the ability to attend learning tasks, to control and express emotions and to develop proper social skills.

We firmly believe that exposure and integration to the arts at an early age enhances children’s confidence, character and academic excellence. Therefore, our Infants and toddlers benefit from weekly music classes while preschool and kindergarten children benefit from music, dance and theater classes.

Our facility is open all-year-round. Therefore, we offer an exceptional summer program that continues to focus on cognitive, emotional and physical development. At the same time providing new experiences and exposure to local community visitors like police department, fire department and librarians, etc. Furthermore, throughout the year, children let their imagination run wild through the exploration of materials and surroundings and the creation of paintings, drawings and sculptures. Science and Spanish are also taught all-year-round.

Additionally, we have multiple celebrations through out the year where parents are invited and welcome to attend to build relationships with fellow families in a school setting.

If you are looking for a place where your child can grow to love learning, please visit us and see how our preschool in South San Francisco can give your child the best start possible.

South San Francisco Preschool - art program
South San Francisco Kindergarten - art program
South San Francisco Preschool - play time
South San Francisco Kindergarten - Arts

Our Management

Ana Galdamez - Executive Director

Ana Galdamez - Executive Director

Building Kidz of South San Francisco
Preschool and Kindergarten
Ana is the Executive Director for Building Kidz of South San Francisco.
She oversees the day-to-day operations of the center and provides support to the staff. Ana has a history of successful leadership in all aspects of management. She has been instrumental in the development of the Building Kidz environment where a connection to lifelong learning, critical thinking capabilities, joy, and high self-esteem are developed in every child. Ana has always been a firm believer in performing arts, academics and whole child development. She loves the opportunity she has with Building Kidz to ensure that every child reaches their fullest potential. Ana prides herself in building strong relationships with staff, parents, and children.

Ana holds a B.A. in Business Management and over 40 Early Childhood Education credits. She started working with families and children in 2003.

We are always looking for great teachers!

Are you interested in working at a dynamic preschool that integrates the Performing Arts (dance, music, and theater) into age appropriate developmental guidelines to enhance whole child development and academic excellence within a world class environment? If so, then we want to hear from you - just click the button and email us your contact information and your resume.

What Parents Are Saying about Building Kidz of South San Francisco Preschool & Kindergarten

I cannot say enough great things about the staff at Building Kidz.  As I am sure all first time parents feel, I felt that finding a daycare to meet all of my standards would be next to impossible.  But after the first visit here, my skeptism on the whole process began to change.
My son is now 15 months and it seems like everyday he is coming home with a new trick 🙂  may it be a new word, pointing to a new body part, giving high fives or dancing.  He is learning so much!
Rhea R.

My daughter LOVES this school and so do I.
The teachers are great and the kids always seem happy.
I want to move my apartment, but I haven’t because I can’t find anything that is an easy commute to this school. That is how much we love it.
Gem B.

My two boys have been going to Building Kidz for a few years now. My oldest son started going there since he was 1 1/2 years old,he is now 6. My younger son started when he was 2 months,he is now 2 years. They love going to school everyday. I feel very comfortable leaving my children in their care. Ms. Melodie and Ms. Cinthia always let me know how there day was. Good or Bad. The school has an open door policy. Any parent can ask questions anytime.
Melissa G.

Building Kidz of South San Francisco

Building Kidz of South San Francisco – Preschool and Kindergarten