Building Kidz of Concord Preschool and Kindergarten

Building Kidz of Concord

Concord Preschool – Kindergarten – Childcare

5100 Clayton Road Ste. F36 Concord CA 94521

Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Building Kidz - Concord Preschool

Building Kidz of Concord Preschool and Kindergarten

5100 Clayton Road Ste. F36
Concord CA 94521

Tel: (925) 687-9124

Monday to Friday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Considered by many, the best preschool in Concord for early child development.

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Welcome to Building Kidz of Concord Preschool and Kindergarten

We are a part of the Building Kidz Worldwide family of campuses, providing Concord preschool and childcare services. We are located at 5100 Clayton Road in the Vineyard Shopping Center and conveniently close to Ygnacio Valley Road.

Our mission is to deliver a world-class preschool experience resulting in children that love learning, connect with the performing arts, and demonstrate accelerated development of their confidence, commitment, and character.

Our philosophy is to develop the “whole child”. We focus on 6 key areas of development: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, communication, and academic. We create an environment where children are challenged intellectually and are engaged in an interest of lifelong learning through an intelligent integration of academics and performing arts.

Our curriculum is a comprehensive arts-integrated learning program in which children develop skills and knowledge of numeracy, literacy, music, arts, socialization, self-regulation and control, self-efficacy, morality, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional expression.

Additionally, our children perform two shows annually: a Broadway-style production in June and a winter recital in December.

It is this philosophy and our preschool programs that have made us one of the top preschools and kindergartens in California.
If you are looking for a place where your child can grow to love learning, please visit us and see how our preschool can give your child the best start possible.

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Our Management

Sangita Hingorani - Executive Director

Sangita Hingorani - Executive Director

Building Kidz of Concord
Preschool and Kindergarten

Sangita Hingorani was born and raised in India, and earned a BA degree in business from Kamla Nehru University.

She immigrated to the Bay Area in 1987. She enjoys helping children develop, traveling, photography, and cooking. She has been married for over 20 years and is a proud mother of two.

Prior to joining Building Kidz as a Franchisee, Sangita had over a decade of experience in the semiconductor industry as a Sr. Buyer and Planner.

Sangita joined Building Kidz in April of 2017 to pursue her passion for children and establish a world-class Building Kidz campus in Concord.

Jessica Barazza

Jessica Barazza

Assistant Director

Building Kidz of Concord
Preschool and Kindergarten

Jessica was born in Hayward, California, and has always had a desire to work with children. She chose this career because working with children is her passion and she believes children are our future.

As a qualified Assistant Director, Jessica is committed to making a lasting impact on the children in her care and cherishes the love the children shower her with. She loves soccer, basketball, football, and baseball.
Her favorite foods are sushi, seafood, and Oreos! She also loves to watch romantic and action movies. Her favorite seasons are Fall and Spring because she loves to see the leaves fall off the trees and see the different types of flowers bloom.

Jessica has been, and continues to be, an exceptional contributor to our campus and her commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

We are always looking for great teachers!

Are you interested in working at a dynamic preschool that integrates the Performing Arts (dance, music, and theater) into age appropriate developmental guidelines to enhance whole child development and academic excellence within a world class environment? If so, then we want to hear from you - just click the button and email us your contact information and your resume.

What Parents Are Saying about Building Kidz of Concord Preschool and Kindergarten

Ah Building Kidz. You deserve 10 stars and beyond. I didn’t know how much I really appreciated the school, the staff, and the curriculum. Recently planning to move, so I toured about 5-6 schools in the east bay, mainly in Castro Valley and Hayward area. And base on their Yelp reviews (4.5 stars to 5 stars), you would assume the school can be comparable. Oh man I was totally wrong. I have not seen ONE school as good as Building Kidz. Seriously.

Kris J.

Building Kidz has new ownership! And let me just say that as great as the school already was, the new owners have made some wonderful improvements and the school is even better! This isn’t a school or daycare where you get the vibe of just dropping off your child and then you’re out the door. The owners, director and all of the teachers make you feel very welcomed, comfortable and they care about building friendships with the parents! Thank you Building Kidz for everything so far. Ethan has grown, matured and learned so much since he’s been in your program. I’m excited to see him prep for Kindergarten next year 🙂

Christina A.

Amazing school I have to say that my Miss. Melinda has done such a great job with Julian I have seen a big change since he didn’t speak the language he is only 2 and knows so much thanks for that attention.n

Erika J.

Building Kidz of Concord

Building Kidz of Concord – Preschool – Kindergarten – Child Care