Dancing in Daycare

If you’ve spent time around kids, you know they love to dance. Infants kick their feet to a tune, toddlers spin in circles and jump, and preschoolers shake their heads and walk to a beat. For them, dancing is FUN. But researcher shows that dancing can be more than just something fun to do. “When children are presented with an abstract dance problem, they are encouraged to think it through with a kinesthetic solution. This form of learning tends to resonate the strongest with children and the cognitive learning skills that they develop in the dance studio can be carried over into the classroom as they develop their ability to think through abstract problems” (dancebrought2u.com).

As children learn to dance, they learn to think through and solve problems. Gaining such skills at an early age will benefit them as they face problems throughout their lives. And this is why, at Building Kidz of Chandler, we provide dance classes at no extra cost for all who attend our daycare and preschool.

Our New Daycare Dance Teacher

With that in mind, we here at Building Kidz of Chandler are excited to introduce our new dance teacher-Miss Jessi!

Miss Jessi has been a wonderful addition to our team. She has been dancing for years and has the same passion for helping kids that we do. She comes twice a week for each age group-infant, toddler, preschool, and school age. After her first day, we knew we had found someone that would truly help us create a wonderful daycare and preschool center. She exudes a joy and energy that the kiddos latch onto. They loved her almost immediately, and many asked when she would be back. In short, she’s a hit!

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