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Specializing in performing arts to enhance academic excellence.

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Academics and Performing Arts

Building Kidz is an unparalleled educational institution that has successfully partnered with parents to develop the highest levels of confidence, character, and commitment in children.

Our unique and proven curriculum infuses exceptional academic elements with a specialization in Performing Arts within a world-class environment.

Your child is the top priority for our nurturing and highly qualified staff. They will identify your child’s talents and learning preferences before customizing a curriculum that will expose your child to activities that have been proven to accelerate cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and language development.

Math and Science

Even during the preschool ages, children have considerably greater reasoning and problem-solving ability than was suspected until recently.

Preschoolers are naturally interested in math and science as it exists in the world around them. They learn best by engaging in dynamic, hands on games and projects. For generations, math and science have been taught as separate subjects and didn’t resonate with the young minds on a preschool campus.

At Building Kidz, we have woven math and science into language arts, music, art, and physical activity. Our teachers are aware of the importance of early mathematical and scientific knowledge for long-term educational success and of the availability of effective techniques for improving that knowledge; furthermore, our staff is continuously trained in how to implement effective teaching techniques.

Our children explore numbers and scientific processes by learning about the world they live in. They learn to sort, classify, compare quantities, balance blocks, inspect shapes and find patterns. Students conduct their own experiments using manipulatives and age-appropriate scientific games.


At Building Kidz, we are committed to teaching our children the literacy skills required for academic success.

We initiate the educational process in literacy development with infants by teaching them verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Amongst many other metrics of success, our toddlers recognize letters, symbols, and numbers.

Our pre-kindergarteners and kindergartners develop strong reading and writing skills while refining their communication skills in a structured, engaging, and playful environment.

Foreign Language

Our children are exposed to multiple languages daily through the diversity of their peers and our staff. Within our curriculum, we offer a bilingual program focused on the Spanish language.

Our children learn to speak Spanish at a basic conversational level while developing neurological connections that will help them develop advanced analytical thinking processes and superior communication skills in the future.


For young children, creating art is a sensory exploration activity. Whether they’re moving a crayon across paper, seeing a blob of colored paint grow larger, or making shapes with building blocks, it is through exploration that children build a knowledge of the objects in the world around them.


In an environment rich in diversity and culture, we at Building Kidz believe music is an open door of possibility allowing people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to thrive together harmoniously.

Our music program follows a wide spectrum from percussion to vocal training. Among many other things, we focus on basic percussion, music theory, instrument introduction, solfege, ear training, interval training, breathing, and posture to develop a broad appreciation for music of all cultures and styles.

Consistent exposure to music enhances the development of cognitive functions in a child’s brain, encourages discipline and focus, and creates an environment rich in creativity.

Additionally, playing an instrument at a young age has been shown to promote advanced fine gross motor skills.


Building Kidz introduces children to the world of dance and movement through a curriculum that consists of social and classical dance elements.

Through dance, children learn discipline and focus while stimulating their storage and recall capabilities.

Our children are encouraged to be creative through games and free time to dance.

Building Kidz uses dance to not only enhance large gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and flexibility, but also to uplift the individual spirit in the heart of every child.


We believe theater is one of the greatest art forms; theater not only enables the human connection, it takes it to new heights.

We enable our youngest children to breathe life into their dreams and imaginations by teaching them basic story tel ling and improvisation. Our older children are taken on a magical journey in every theater class as they learn basic character development and stage awareness.

All of our children graduate from Building Kidz with high self esteem, confidence, enhanced diction, and sound literary understanding while having enjoyed delivering both a Winter Recital and a Broadway production annually for their parents and friends.

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